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Meet Our Board Members


Dionne Dantzler

CEO, Founder

Rev. Kendall Ashley

Director of Youth Leadership & Dev.

Diann Parker

Director of Performing Arts


Natalie Reed

Program Assistant




Administrative Assistant

Founder, CEO & President

Dionne Dantzler

Dionne Dantzler attended Little Rock Central High School in Little Rock, AR from 86'-89'. In 2016, Dantzler earned an Assoc. degree in Music Management and Business and at the end of 2018, a Bachelors in Urban Community and Leadership all of which helped to start up various charity organizations, including The H.O.M.E Teen Youth Center, as well as launch a artist and modeling development brand, 3D Management.

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Director of  Youth  Leadership & Development

Rev. Kendall Ashley

Rev. Kendall Ashley is an Associate Professor of Management and Leadership, Motivational
Scholar, children’s cartoon artist, and a follower of Christ, and 32 years in Ministry. He is
originally from Compton, California and currently resides in Little Rock, Arkansas. Ashley possesses a Bachelor’s Degree in Sociology and a Master’s Degree in Management and
Leadership with an emphasis on Urban Community Development and the African-American

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Senior Cheif Advisor

Derrick Rainey

Derrick is an alumni of Parkview Arts & Magnet High School in Little Rock, AR and studied music performance and orchestra at Morehouse College. Derrick is a Non-Profit Organization Manager and is the Founder and Owner of Seven Generations LLC and Co-founder and CEO of Triple Rain Entertainment, LLC.

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Director of Performing Arts

Dr. Diann Parker

Diann Parker is the Program Coordinator of the Music Performing Program at Arkansas Baptist College in Little Rock, AR. Dr. Parker is a pretty special lady with years of experience in education, curriculum design, student affairs, and public speaking. Currently, she is involved in two different documentaries, one, called Dreamland (based on the book written by Berna Love) in which Parker composed the music as well as an AETN documentary called Music in Arkansas which talks about the music from African American culture in rural south Arkansas. Dr. Parker lends has over 40 years experience in vocal performance, music education, classical piano, and instructional support.

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Program Assistant

Mrs. Natalie Reed

Natalie Reed is a former Licensed Certified Social Worker with over 25 years of formal experience. Natalie’s focus is conducting group, individual, family therapy; along with Graduate School supervision of Social Work interns. Natalie strives to assist people in having peace of mind regardless of situations and circumstances. Mrs. Reed notably utilizes various counseling techniques while working with a multi-disciplinary team to achieve this goal. Natalie’s mission is to equip others with healthy problem solving skills and to enhance their quality of living. Mrs. Reed "has worked for Family Service Agency, Bridgeway, the appointed LR Drug Court Counseling Agency in the Little Rock area. Mrs. Reed has acquired more than 30 years of experience in Residential alcohol, drug, eating disorders facilities in Delta Counseling and Gilead School based Counseling Centers in South East AR.

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Administrative Assistant

Mr. Terence Bronson

Terence Bronson is an entrepreneur with 10 plus years of financial services, management and sales experience from both the state, governmental and private sectors. A native of Deridder, LA, Terence founded Bronson’s Ambitions in 2014 with a focus in mentoring, coaching, and developing aspiring entrepreneurs. In 2018, Terence established T and L Bris, a real estate development and acquisition company which develops and provides quality living arrangements for a variety of communities.

He obtained both his Bachelor’s of Science in Accounting and a Master’s of Science in Accounting from Henderson State University and Purdue Global University respectively. Terence’s motto for life is “it is essential that we all gather knowledge from those that have many experiences”. When not pursuing his entrepreneurial endeavors, Terence actively volunteers his resources with many schools most notably, Pulaski County Special School District (pcssd), McClellan High School, and Pine Bluff Lighthouse Charter School.

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