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“Our children, who will determine our future, deserve stability and care.”

–Dionne Dantzler






After the passing of her sister in the winter of 1992, Dionne Danztler had all but lost her desire to live. While dealing with the death of her sister, Dionne found herself pouring her pain into her passions, thus finding her ultimate purpose. During this period, she officially adopted her sister’s youngest son who had lost both parents before age 10 and also suffered from a special case of ADHD. She began researching alternative methods to parenting him because she realized that, regardless of the odds against him, he was extremely gifted musically. It was here that Dionne recognized art and music as a source of therapy and healing. Dionne utilized this same method with her own daughter who also had a minor case of ADHD. It became her mission to provide them with the tools and support they needed to express themselves positively.


As the years progressed, Dionne began to think of ways to further prevent gang-related tragedies. As a youth minister for her father’s church, she had always possessed a passion for mentoring teens in the community. In 1999, Dionne started Adnil Productions, a company in the honor of her sister’s name, and began writing plays, books, and film scripts. Dionne’s ultimate goal became to employ at-risk  youth to perform and manage it as a way to give them an option to stay off the streets and an opportunity to develop lucrative talents and skills. This is when the idea of a teen youth center

was proposed. Dionne began to think of Adnil Productions as a place where teens could learn music and film, production, dance, art, theater, and other forms of artistry. In 2019 she changed the name to the H.O.M.E (House of Music & Entertainment) Teen Youth Center because not only did she want to teach educational, social, and life skills, she wanted to house them so that she can nourish, encourage,

and ensure they are prepared to go out into the world and be productive citizens.

of the H.O.M.E

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