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Our Purpose

The H.O.M.E Teen Youth Center is a Non-Profit Organization designed for troubled teens and at-risk youth in urban communities across the United States. Our headquarters resides in Little Rock, AR and our program is under the direct supervision of Dionne D. Dantzler, published author and CEO of The H.O.M.E Teen Youth Center. Our center focuses on passion, purpose, and preparedness for the future of all teens and students who attend our program. Our purpose is to establish growth tools for physical, spiritual, mental, and individual well-being within our community. We focus on supporting the individual because healthy individuals produce healthy environments and, in return, healthy relationships. 

Our Mission

Our mission is to create an alternative learning system for at-risk youth and troubled youth with artist capabilities. We intend to offer a residential style home and learning environment for teens who suffer from domestic and communal violence and/or abuse as well as children in the community who are in search of an extended learning program. At the H.O.M.E Teen Youth Center we offer our students a solid education in rigorous core curriculum courses along with advanced fine arts programs instructed by industry performers and producers. Our team is comprised of a mix of teachers, therapist, mental health technicians, counselors, entertainment professionals, and caregivers whose primary objective is to recreate possibilities for the kids we serve. What makes our program unique among our counterparts, is our emphasis on career development for troubled teens with artistic abilities. We pride ourselves on developing manageable and sustainable careers in the entertainment arts for all of our students.

At The H.O.M.E we’re passionate about turning pain into purpose. Though our goal is to advance every student we connect with through the arts and entertainment industry, our Sound Therapy programs are designed to rehabilitate and facilitate mental and social awareness for them to own moving into adulthood. 

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