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  • How do I submit myself or my child into the H.O.M.E's program?
    To apply for admission into the H.O.M.E Teen Youth program parents or guardians must submit an application for admission. Please visit Summer Institute or Contact us Via Email for more informaiton.
  • Who do we accept into our programs?
    The H.O.M.E accepts children ages 12-17 from all cultural and demographic backgrounds. Children must possess a unique interest in the arts and entertainment areas of study. Though we do not base acceptance on domestic situations of the student applicants, children with behavioral, financial, and educational disabilities are highly encouraged to submit.
  • Who are our programs designed for?
    Our approach to creating art is our approach to rehabilitation and development. Our goal is to reach at risk youth and troubled teens with artistic capabilitiy. We use creative expression as a way of therapy and rehabilitation for all of students rather they have experienced prior trauma or are dealing with demands of teenage adolescense. At H.O.M.E our programs emphasize leadership, lifeskills, counseling, mentorship, and career development to ensure our students have the tools they need to become productive citizens in their adult life.
  • Who do I contact if I have more questions?
    For all other questions please visit the Contact Tab in our menu and fill out the form provided.
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